Most Popular Residential Garage Doors

Spring is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. Flowers are blooming and there are buds on the trees. You’re finally starting to see bunnies again and kids are playing outside after months of being cooped up with the winter weather. Many people are breaking out the mop and bucket to start the spring cleaning and many others are putting the finishing touches on their homes as they prepare to put them on the market (realtors agree—spring is the best time to sell). Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home before you list it or you just want to make it a little prettier and convenient for you and your family, installing a new garage door is one of the best ways to do this. It’s also one of the home improvement projects with the highest returns on your investment—so you know it’s a good use of your hard-earned money. Below are three of our most popular residential garage door models for you to consider as you think about installing a new garage door.

It’s no surprise that the Wayne Dalton Model 9100 is consistently one of our most popular, best-selling and best performing residential garage doors. All kinds of customers with different styles of home, different design tastes and different budgets love this door for its quality and value. As one of the most reasonably priced steel doors, the model 9100 also offers top-of-the-line safety features, is reliable and is incredibly durable. It is also one of the most attractive models, combining the look of wood with the strength of steel. Another added bonus? This door comes with available WindSafe® technology which is a great feature to have with the unpredictable weather here in Oklahoma.

It’s is also no surprise to use that the Wayne Dalton Model 9600 is another consistent winner with a wide variety of our customers. This has long been a favorite model for many customers because of the level of customization that the door allows at such an affordable price. This door is most frequently chosen by homeowners who are looking for a combination of durability, curb appeal, insulation and safety without breaking the bank. This door offers you a variety of ways to customize it to your specific tastes and your home’s style—from hardware to paint colors and panel design to insulation. This door is also great for families, because between the insulation and the SilentGlide™ rollers, it’s one of the quietest garage doors on the market.

The Wayne Dalton Model 6600 has always been one of our favorites, so we’re not surprised that many of our customers feel the same way, too. One of the great debates with residential garage doors is whether steel or wood is better. Steel is durable, versatile, affordable and easy to insulate. They also require little maintenance. However, they can be unattractive and are sometimes prone to scratching, denting and rusting if their finish wears off or if they are not properly finished. Wood garage doors are beautiful, add charm and curb appeal to your home and greatly increase the resale value of your home. However, they’re not as strong or versatile as steel, they are not as easy to insulate and they require continual maintenance to keep up their functionality and appearance. A steel door with wood overlay, like the model 6600 combines the best of steel—the insulation, durability and versatility—with the best of wood—the curb appeal and charm—without the downfalls—like the steep price point and continual maintenance.

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