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Garage Door Repair

Whether you need garage door repair in tulsa or in Oklahoma City, our team of expert technicians are equipped and ready to get the job done.

Damaged Garage Door

Damaged Garage Doors

The stress of a broken garage door can be as heavy as the door itself. Don’t let a broken garage door hold you back anymore.

Broken garage door spring

Broken Springs

Don’t let a broken garage door spring stretch your budget. Let us help you spring back to normalcy from a broken garage door spring.

Broken garage door cable

Broken Cables

Broken garage door cables can make a door completely immobile. Get the support you need to lift your broken cable burdens.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Openers

Regardless of the garage door opener brand, you have in your home, Discount Garage Door is qualified to repair it.

Off Track Garage Door

Off Track Doors

Don’t let an off track garage door derail your day. See how we can get you back on track!

Broken Garage Door Hinge

Broken Hinges

When garage door hinges break, it can seem like your garage door is falling apart. Check out our flexible options for repair.

Broken Garage Door InteriorBroken Garage Door Exterior

On the average home within the United States, the garage door takes up nearly one-third of a home’s façade. With more and more frequency, homeowners are opting to use their garage entry over the front door of their home. This recent revelation has made the garage door one of the most important entry points into a home for American families.

With so many families relying on a garage door system for repeated home access, it is important to ensure that the garage door will open without fail any time entry to the home is needed. Discount Garage Door is committed to providing excellent customer service and unmatched quality in all garage door repair and installs we are faced with.

Repairs can be necessary after the culmination of many years of wear and tear on a garage door or garage door opener system. The sudden break of a garage door or a garage door’s associated hardware can put a damper on personal schedules and the security of a home. With over 300 moving parts making up a garage door system, mechanical failure can take many different forms.

Discount Garage Door technicians are highly trained and ready to service all makes and models of garage doors within the Oklahoma City, Edmond, South Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Green Country areas or anywhere in between. We can repair or replace any broken garage door springs, cables, rollers, hinges, weather seals and sensors or adjust the current hardware like tracking and springs to make it operate correctly. No repair job is too big or too small!

Upon arrival to a home, Discount Garage Door technicians will inspect the entire garage door system and detail the problem and options for repairing the garage door to regain functionality. If the homeowner agrees with the options discussed, the technician will make any adjustments that may be needed or replace any broken components. Before leaving, the technician will ensure functionality of the garage door system!

Unexpected complications within a garage door system can keep homeowners from maintaining their busy schedules. Discount Garage Door can have your garage door functional in no time at all. Make us your last call for the lowest price and the best warranty in the business!

Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

When a torsion spring or extension spring breaks on a garage door system, homeowners seek expert service in replacing broken garage door springs. Discount Garage Door can replace broken torsion springs and broken extension springs on residential, commercial garage doors, as well as industrial sectional, rolling steel and one-piece curtain doors. No matter what type of garage door needs serviced, Discount Garage Door can fix it!

A spring replacement is the most common garage door repair that is required by homeowners. Torsion springs and extension springs come in varying sizes dependent on the garage door they are attached to. These springs are pivotal in lifting over 90% of a garage door’s weight. The functionality obtained by the implementation of these springs allows for continued operation of a garage door, both manually and with a garage door opener system. Discount Garage Door ensures an increased life expectancy for your replacement garage door springs and the entire garage door system.

Garage door springs should never be adjusted by an individual who has not been properly trained or may not have the proper tools. Do it yourself replacement of a broken torsion spring may result in serious injury if done incorrectly. Continued operation of a garage door with a broken garage door spring can cause additional damage to the garage door and the garage door opener system.

Discount Garage Door has a team of friendly, knowledgeable technicians with the best industry experience in replacing broken garage door springs. Replacing broken garage door springs can be a potentially dangerous process and homeowners are encouraged to contact a garage door specialist. Discount Garage Door is ready to handle any broken garage door spring repairs today!

Garage Door Spring Replacement Before and After

Broken Garage Door Cables

Broken Garage Door Cable

The most important part of a garage door system to ensure smooth operation and efficiency is the garage door cable. Garage door cables are responsible for bearing the weight of the garage door as it moves along the tracking. Cables generally will be attached to a drum near the top of a garage door and follow a line towards the bottom section. When a garage door cable breaks, a once functional garage door will be immobilized. To regain proper functionality, the garage door cable will need to be replaced.

Garage door cables are under an intense amount of tension and can cause serious injury if improperly handled. For this reason, a broken garage door cable can be a dangerous do it yourself replacement. It is important to contact a qualified specialist to ensure the garage door cable is repaired safely and properly to avoid future problems within the garage door system.

Discount Garage Door recommends having a trained professional service any broken garage door cables that may appear in your garage door system. Our team of professionals highly trained and skilled in garage door cable repair. We will safely examine and assess your issue and remedy it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Broken Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are the primary source for smooth movement within a garage door system. Unbroken rollers ensure the door can glide through the tracking system without any issues, but sometimes these rollers can become damaged. If garage door rollers have broken the door can open sluggishly or improperly, which over time can lead to more damage.

In some cases, the garage door rollers will have a difficult time traversing the garage door tracking system. This can be prevalent when debris and grease begin to line the tracking system. Without proper cleaning, this can lead to mobility issues for the garage door.

Discount Garage Door is a factory authorized dealer, so homeowners can be sure they receive the best products available at our everyday low prices. We are committed to fixing any garage door problems as soon as they are present with our target goal of offering customers same day service. Contact us today to see how we can help fix your garage door problems!

Off Track Garage Doors

Off Track Garage Door

Garage doors have a variety of reasons for becoming off track. One of the most common causes of an off track garage door stems from years of natural wear and tear. With extended use garage door cables can break. In most cases, only one side of garage door cabling will break during operation. Without proper weight maintenance from the garage door cables, the weight can cause an off track garage door.

Obstructions within a garage door path can also be the cause of an off track garage door. In most newer garage door opener systems a pair of sensors create an invisible barrier to detect obstructions and protect the garage door from damage; however, some older models of garage door opener systems do not include these sensors. Garage door openers that don’t include sensors are prone to a variety of items such as trashcans, ladders, bicycles, cars and people or animals to block the path of a garage door and hinder normal operation. If the garage door makes contact with one of these obstructions, it can easily be knocked off of its tracking.

If the garage door is struck by a car or another large object it is also prone to coming off track. A powerful force from the front, or backside, of a garage door can be a huge factor in the creation of an off track garage door. When a large objects strike a garage door many problems can arise, such as denting. In most cases, however, an off track garage door is most often the primary outcome.

Discount Garage Door suggests that all off track garage door systems be inspected and repaired by a trained specialist. Garage door panels are heavy items and can cause serious injury. When a garage door comes off the tracking, the cables and springs are under an intense amount of tension and the increased pressure can cause severe injury if not properly fixed. Discount door has a team of professional technicians trained to handle these situations and the tools and experience fix an off track garage door quickly and efficiently.

Broken Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges are responsible for providing flexibility when a garage door is in operational. Over time hinges will deteriorate to the point of breaking. Broken garage door hinges can cause the garage door to open and close improperly and cause other problems within a garage door system.

With some garage door manufacturers, hinges are made of thin steel and are most resistant to wear and tear. It is important to make sure the hinges used on a garage door are made of more rigid, thicker steel to ensure they will last the entire life of the garage door. In some cases, the hinge will deteriorate to a point that the use of a screw is no longer possible.

If a garage door has a broken hinge it is important to stop continued use of the garage door until the hinge has been repaired. Garage door hinges are responsible for holding garage door panels together during operation. With continued use, the garage door panels can detach from each other and cause more problems to the garage door system.

New garage doors from Discount Garage Door are installed with Wayne Dalton™ hinges and hardware. These garage door parts are made from black powder coated steel to ensure longevity. Homeowners who are faced with a broken garage door hinge can rest easy knowing our commitment to quality will ensure their new hinges will work for years to come.

Safety Concerns

Garage door repairs come with several significant safety concerns and should be addressed by a trained professional if at all possible. Many of the components within a garage door system are under extreme tension and can cause extreme injury, or be fatal if mishandled. It is also important to remember that the garage door itself may seem light during operation, but a garage door in all actuality is very heavy. Homeowners can trust the experts at Discount Garage Door to make sure safety is a number one priority within their garage door system.

Why Discount Garage Door?

Discount Garage Door has become the preferred choice for every one of your garage door service needs. You want your garage door to look great and function properly for your safety and security. Whether you live in Oklahoma City, Edmond, South Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Green Country or anywhere in between, we can assist homeowners with affordable repairs.

We have installed and serviced virtually every brand and manufacturer of garage doors and openers. In the years we’ve been servicing overhead garage doors and operators for homeowners in Oklahoma, there isn’t a single manufacturer or brand of residential garage doors that we have not been able to install or repair to our customer’s satisfaction.

Discount Garage Door strives for same day service to ensure a homeowner’s garage door problems aren’t an extended hindrance. We offer fixed time appointments to ensure no scheduling conflicts arise for our customers. We want your Discount Garage Door experience to be as convenient and carefree as possible.

Discount Garage Door specializes in garage door repair, garage door opener repair, spring replacement, new garage door installations and garage door openers. Discount Garage Door is a factory authorized retailer and can service every major brand. Our service areas include Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, Norman, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, and surrounding areas.

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