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Garage Door Repair OKC

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We understand how important it is for families and businesses to have an entirely functional garage door throughout the day. However, garage doors do break down once in a while, just like everything else. In the case that this happens, don't panic as there is a garage door repair company near you that can fix all the issues that you may be facing. If the problem can be fixed, we will fix, but if the garage door needs to be replaced, we will tell you exactly that and provide you with some options to address the issue. Specializing in Oklahoma City garage door repair, garage door opener repair, spring replacement, new overhead garage door installations and garage door openers, Discount Garage Door is a factory authorized retailer and services all the major brands.

Some of the garage door repair services we provide include;

  • Broken spring replacement- Our expert technicians will replace the broken torsion springs on your residential or commercial garage door.
  • Garage door opener repair- Most regular garage door openers are fixed by realigning the photo eyes or replacing the worn gears and sprockets found within the garage door opener itself.
  • Broken garage door cables- Door cables are normally under incredible amounts of pressure, thus, should only be handled by a qualified technician.
  • Panel replacement- Over time, the garage door panels can begin to crack, break or bend due to normal wear and tear. This problem should be fixed immediately to avoid further damage.
  • Garage door repair parts- We will find replacement parts for most makes and models to fix your garage door and leave it in top condition.

We also provide more services like roller replacements, weather seal replacement, bent track replacement and many more.

At Discount Garage Door Discount, we have the experience and expertise to keep your garage door in the best shape possible. No matter what company manufactured your garage door, our expert technicians can repair and service any make or model. Our professional representatives will be at your door soonest time possible and will diagnose the issue and have it corrected quickly and efficiently. We are committed to giving you outstanding service, using high-quality replacement parts to get your garage door working at optimal performance again. Trust us to do thorough repairs for your residential and commercial garage door applications.

Let us work with you to get your problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Garage Door Installation

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Imagine walking out in the morning to leave for work, only to find that you can't get your car out of the garage because your garage door won't open. A faulty garage door is the last thing you would want to worry about that early. Discount Garage Door is here to help you with all types of residential and commercial garage door repairs or installation in Oklahoma City. Our customer service is second to none.

Your garage door is a main feature of your home. It conveys a visual statement of your style and taste in your neighborhood and we want you to look good. The installation of a new overhead garage door is a significant investment for your home. Your garage door can take up to half of the front of your house and is often the largest single feature that can be seen from the street. Discount Garage Door acknowleges this and puts in the time and effort that our customers deserve.  

Upgrading your garage door is a significant step in your residential/business renovation efforts. Not only does it improve your home's appearance, but it also offers many benefits such as;

  • Increasing the market value of your home - If you currently have an old and worn out garage door, putting up something new and modern will certainly attract some potential buyers.
  • Installing a garage door that is well insulated and sealed will help you save on your cooling and heating costs.
  • Having a new garage door installed helps protect your belongings from adverse weather as you can use the extra space to store the stuff that doesn't fit in the house.
  • Installing a new garage door also helps to improve the security of your home as a whole. Most thieves break into a house through the garage door.
  • It significantly reduces the amount of maintenance you have to perform. Most of the garage doors are extremely low maintenance. A metal garage door with a protective coating of factory paint can spare you the agony of repainting your garage door all the time.

Garage Door Installation

If you are looking to upgrade your old garage door or replace a noisy garage door opener to improve the appearance and performance of your home, then you have come to the right place. Discount Garage Door wishes to make your home the envy of your neighborhood with the latest designs, styles, materials and colors of garage doors and openers. Whatever your garage door style is, from wood carriage, steel carriage, premier carriage or traditional steel, we can install it for you.

Maintaining your home is key, and a vital part of your home is the garage. Your garage door can dictate the overall appearance of your home. In many cases, the garage door takes up to 1/3 of the front yard of your home. The type, style, design and material chosen for your garage will significantly enhance or diminish your home's curb appeal. If your garage door is shaking, squeaking or leaning to one side, it's time to invest in a new one. Probably you are in need of replacing your garage door but feel that the current models are the same as your 10-year door. You are in for a big surprise. Today, most garage doors are modern, stronger, more secure and better insulated, and they require less maintenance than their predecessors.

Why choose us for your garage door installation needs?

We care to provide the best garage doors, and our garage door installation service is unmatched. So next time your garage door is beyond repair, or if you want a fancier looking or more secure one, we will be happy to replace the existing door with the one that suits your liking. Our service technicians are trained to meet our very high-quality standards in installing garage doors, ensuring you can operate it smoothly, efficiently and safely. We also offer suggestions regarding garage door selection, installation, maintenance, security, increased convenience while promoting security.

We believe that a garage door installation is not a do yourself kind of job. The installation of a garage door is highly technical due to the different size, style and number of small parts that require someone with great skill and experience. Connecting the various springs can be dangerous and proper installation is essential to put up a well functioning garage door. Let us handle the job for you, as we make sure all the safety requirements are met while offering a speedy service.

Get started

Once you contact us, an installer will contact you to schedule an on-site home or business measure and project assessment. Once complete, we will provide an estimate of our garage door installation and repair services. Together, we then get to purchase the products and install the garage door on time.

And in case you are wondering which garage door is right for your home or business, our team of technicians is ready to help. We know that shopping for a garage door can be a daunting task especially if you are not familiar with what to look for. We will make the process easy and fun for you as we help you select from our variety of Wayne Dalton garage doors. Wayne-Dalton doors come in many different colors, designs, insulation values and sizes.

Factors to consider when choosing a garage door

To help you with your garage door search, here are some tips to ensure you choose the right style for your home;

  • Ensure you choose a garage door that will provide adequate insulation, that means choosing a door that provides an R-value of at least 8 or 9.
  • If your garage is in a high traffic area, or if you have kids or pets, buying a door with a laser light sensor is a good idea for your own safety. Additionally, today's garage door openers offer in-house monitors that alert you when you've left your door open. It does provide a piece of mind for the residents.
  • Choose a garage door that has weather seals between the sections to keep away the moisture and cold. Also, choose a garage door that has a bottom seal to prevent the water from seeping in through the floor.
  • Choose a material that works for your location. Steel, aluminum and fiberglass tend to be more durable and will last over time, although wood is natural and creates a pleasing aesthetic to your outdoor yard.
  • Ensure your garage door has all the safety requirements you need. Our garage door professional will be able to assess your garage and advise on the right mechanism style.
  • Choose a style that will compliment the architecture of your home. You can get custom made canopy, side-hanged or sectional-style opening garage doors.

Regardless of how you are planning to use your garage, we at Discount Garage Door can help you find the right garage door that meets your needs and specifications at affordable costs.

Overhead Doors

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Discount Garage Door is always ready to help your commercial business find the commercial overhead door that suitably fits your needs and budget. We understand the importance of owning a overhead garage door that is not only functional but can withstand the daily operations even in the toughest business environments. Securing your property within your commercial business is very critical. If you are seeking to install dependable commercial overhead doors, then you'll want to know that the job is done correctly. At Discount Garage Door, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide you with a complete sense of security. We pride ourselves in providing high quality, affordable and reliable commercial overhead door installation and repair services for your business. We offer a broad selection of high quality commercial overhead door to meet your company's needs. Whether you want one for the storage facility, warehouse or dock, we are sure to provide you with a commercial overhead door that will provide years of trouble-free protection. Our experts are experienced in hanging overhead doors of all types and sizes.

We carry a full line of Commercial Wayne-Dalton Overhead Garage Door Systems for virtually any application of commercial and industrial buildings in Central Oklahoma, including Edmond, Yukon, Del City, Moore, Norman, and El Reno. The commercial overhead door models include sectional and rolling garage doors that are designed to offer durability and superior strength. With a proven track record for thermal efficiency, air infiltration and wind load resistance, Wayne-Dalton overhead garage doors are the best that you can specify. The doors are an excellent choice for Oklahoma City storefronts and commercial business locations. When you choose a Wayne-Dalton commercial overhead door, you can be confident that you have chosen the best overhead door that money can buy.

Our overhead door specialists are qualified to handle your new installation, service repairs, preventative maintenance on parts and accessories while offering top-notch customer service. We repair and service commercial sectional, rolling or coiling doors, dock levelers, loading dock equipment as well as overhead door openers. We offer the highest quality parts for the proper repair and maintenance of your commercial overhead garage doors to ensure a safe operation. We pride at giving professional, overhead door services at a minimal time to all of our customers.

Call or visit us today for expert advice on your commercial overhead doors and let us help keep your business running smoothly. We also can answer any questions you might have regarding your garage door problem. We look forward to assisting you.