Off Track Garage Doors

There are few reasons that a garage door may become off track. A common cause of an off track garage door is due to one of the cables breaking after years of use and natural wear and tear. Typically, a cable will only break on one side of the garage door track during the process of opening. Aside from the garage door cable breaking there are two other ways a garage door may become off track. Sometimes garage doors come off track due to an obstructed path or the garage door being hit by a car or other powerful force. Most garage doors today have electric eyes to insure the path of the door is clear. however, some older garage doors may not. A garage door without electric eyes allows the opportunity for a trash can, ladder, bicycle, car, etc. to be left in the path of the garage door. Once the garage door makes contact with the object it could knock the door off track.

A garage door can also become off track from an impact to the front or back of the garage door. If your garage door is off track, in the interest of your safety, do not attempt to move it or repair it yourself. Discount Garage Door's team of professional technicians are trained in handling these situations. Garage Door Springs and Cables are under extreme pressure and have been known to cause serious injury.

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