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5 Problems with Garage Door Openers

Nowadays, garage door openers had become more sophisticated when they enclosed automatic opening abilities. This write-up discusses the five issues you might encounter with your garage door openers. Residential garage door However, some defects and problems are not always obvious. For such defects, it is advisable to check the manual for the openers or contact a competent and professional repairer.


1. Opening and Closing of Garage Doors without touching the openers

Be certain nothing is pressing down any or compressing any of the buttons if left in the car. If it is not left in the car, check if the opener is dusty or dirty. The irregular opening and closing can be caused by even a slight stuck on a button. You can try to clean around the edges by rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and using it to clean. Another possible cause might be if you just changed batteries lately. This might cause the door to be opened by itself. If you did, then try gently push the battery connectors after removing the battery. This is because the connectors can move a little, thereby pressing against the pad such that it triggers the garage door and it opens.


2. Running of the Garage Door Opener Motors

This is either a problem with the chain section or with the opener itself. You can disengage the chain by pulling on the release cable when it is between the garage door and the opener. This makes the door come down. After this, you can open or close the door manually to see if it still works. The chains usually undergo a lot of strain every time the door is opened or closed. Hence, you can click the opener to check if the gear assembly has been broken. If you get new gears, they may be so strong enough to instantly overpower the small motor, burning it out in the process. The solution to this is to have the opener system fixed or substituted. Also, it is recommended just to buy a new garage door opener.


3. Garage Door Reverses Automatically

For every garage door frame, there are two different sensors located on either side of the interior. These sensors send a signal to the motor unit. The motor unit will then refuse to close the door when something goes through them. Only a few seconds is required to process this directive, such that the door moves some of the ways before it reverses. The best way to solve this problem is to clean the lens of the sensors lightly. This is because, normally, the area around the bottom of the sensor is normally dusty, so cleaning them removes anything that blocks them.


4. Garage door opener only opening the door halfway

This is most likely caused by worn parts. It is possible for springs located on either side of the door to lose tension with time. This leads to the failure of the springs to assist the opener with the opening and closing movements of the door. When this happens, it can bring in extra weight in the opener, and it can jam or take the weight as an indicator that the door is closed. Most times, the motor and gears can be small and weak or even made of plastic. Hence, it is susceptible to wearing out as the opener pulls the door in an upward and downward movement repeatedly, and over a long time. A possible solution is to throw the gunk away and grease the gear mechanisms. It is possible to fix this issue yourself. However, bringing in a good garage door specialist is a way better option.

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5. Snapping off a Torsion Spring

When a torsion spring snaps, it is most likely as a result of a metal spring that has corroded. This would mean that the other springs are almost broken as well and should be substituted with new. To get this fixed, contact a repairer immediately to change the springs. As a garage door opener user, it is important to always have it in mind that prevention is better than cure. And the best way to solve these problems is to secure the services of a professional repairman. They are more experienced and reliable.

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