The Importance of Insulated Garage Doors

When you think of getting ready for winter, we’re guessing you think of putting on sweaters, making hot chocolate and lining up all your favorite holiday films for a weekend movie marathon. Or maybe you crank up the thermostat and pull out your grandmother’s recipe for pumpkin pie. Whatever it is that says “winter” to you, we’re guessing it’s not insulated garage door.  And while you might not spend most of your time in the garage, you do go in and out of it multiple times every day! You want it to be a safe and warm place for you and your family.

We all know how rough Oklahoma winters can be; chances are there will be at least one bad winter storm this year. If you, like many people, store your emergency supplies like bottled water and flash lights in the garage, you don’t want it to be freezing when you go out to get them!  It is also better for your car not to let it get too cold!

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