Fall Tips to Ready the Garage for Winter

With temperatures taking quite the turn this week, it reminds us that fall is just around the corner. This season, get your garage door maintenance out of the way ahead of winter weather to avoid problems that can arise with freezing temperatures. Cold weather has the potential to affect not only the energy efficiency of your home, but it can also cause damage within your garage that may turn out to be quite costly or disruptive. Water lines and pipes that run through your garage can freeze and burst. Some stored goods and equipment within a garage can also be damaged in freezing temperatures. So, take a few steps this fall to prevent winter troubles in your garage.

The garage door is the largest and most used entrance to a home. Unfortunately, that means you potentially lose more warm air through this door then any other outside door to your home. The more protected your garage is from the cold air outside, the less heated air escapes from your home and the less energy is used. Weather-stripping around your garage door is extremely important in this aspect as it provides a barrier to prevent the cold air from blowing into your garage.  If you can see light shining through gaps around your garage door, then it's time to check your weather-stripping. Do a thorough inspection around your garage door and if you see any old stripping that's become brittle, cracked, or is falling off, then it's time to replace it.

Even if you're not actually heating your garage, the proper installation of insulation can make a notable difference in the temperature extremes that occur within your garage. You can save on energy bills by insulating your garage door to help keep the heat inside your home this fall and winter. Added bonus: an insulated garage door also helps to keep the heat out when summer comes back around. Adding insulation to inside of your garage door is also a great do-it-yourself project. Just make sure you do the job right as otherwise it could be less effective.

If winter is fast approaching and you've run out of time this fall to do your garage maintenance, then have no fear. You can always give Discount Garage Door a call for a free inspection and we can help you with weather-stripping, insulation, and any other preparation that your garage might need to handle the temperature drops this season.