Top 5 Repairs Better Left to the Professionals

Top 5 Repairs Better Left to the ProfessionalsIn this day and age of Do-It-Yourself, when something breaks, we're inclined to try and fix it ourselves. Unfortunately, there are some things that just need to be fixed by a professional. Take garage door repairs for example: if you try to fix the issue yourself, there is a good chance that you could cause more damage than good. Some garage door repairs also come with added safety hazards that can cause injuries and are just better left to those who are qualified. Here is a list of the top five repairs we feel should be handled by the professionals at Discount Garage Door who have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your repairs are dealt with safely.

1. Spring Replacement

Top 5 Repairs Better Left to the ProfessionalsA broken spring is one of the most common garage door repairs. Torsion springs and extension springs act as a balance, lifting most of the garage door weight. Springs should only be adjusted and repaired by individuals who are properly trained with the skills and the tools to perform this task. It can also be unsafe to continue operating your door with a broken spring because it can cause more damage to other parts of your system.

2. Broken Cables

A broken cable will cause your garage door to be inoperable. It is one of the more dangerous garage door fixes. For safety reasons, a cable repair or replacement should only be performed by a highly trained and skilled technician because the cables are under a lot of tension and need to be handled with care.

3. Panel Replacement

Sometimes a garage door fix can be as simple as replacing one or more of the panels that's been damaged. At least it may seem simple; unfortunately, the damage might be worse then it appears to the untrained eye. Sometimes what appears to be merely cosmetic, actually affects more then just the panel itself and could pose a safety hazard. Mechanisms like struts, tracks, springs, or the opener may also be compromised. A full inspection should be performed to ensure that all of the essential working parts of your garage door are functioning properly.

4. Bent Track

Top 5 Repairs Better Left to the ProfessionalsThe tracks for your garage door help keep it functioning smoothly and operating properly with the door's open and close maneuver. It can be a big burden if one or both of these essential tracks is bent, misaligned, or snapped completely. To ensure the tracks are fixed correctly and in a safe manner, a professional garage door repair person is highly recommended.

5. Roller Replacement

The rollers on a garage door aren't really a complex system, but they do break a lot and can cause dangerous issues. If a roller were to break while the door is in use an unsafe condition arises because the door is actually in motion. Replacing rollers can also be a tricky job because the roller at the bottom is connection to the tension.

Discount Garage Door doesn't want you to take chances with your safety. Don't stress about knowing whether or not your garage door is safe to operate and contact our team of knowledgeable and friendly technicians who have the industries best experience with these types of garage door repairs. By all means though, if you have the Do-It-Yourself bug and your garage door is only in need of minor touch-ups, routine maintenance, or a good cleaning, please take on those tasks yourself.