Uniquely Designed and Custom Built Garage Doors

As Oklahoma's foremost company for garage door sales, designs, installations and repairs, Discount Garage Door has had the opportunity to build some of the most stunning garage door designs available in the market. In an age when people are passionate about their uniqueness, wanting that quality to show through various applications and architecture, new garage entry systems stand out for their distinctive style. The team at Discount Garage Door is continually exploring new ideas, materials and ways of integrating our products into everyday designs. 

Uniquely Designed and Custom Built Garage DoorsIt really doesn't get any more unique then installing a new garage door inside an airplane hangar! This recent client was enclosing a space under an existing loft apartment in the hangar. Eventually this area will become an entertainment space with a kitchen and a restroom. To accommodate the unique characteristics of the hangar loft, this custom full view glass door was installed to brighten the interior space. The light-filtering glass makes a striking complement to the style our client was looking for. We even worked closely with their carpenter to advise them exactly how to build the framing for the opening.

Custom built garage doors are available in a virtually unlimited array of materials and designs. The shop at Discount Garage Doors builds quality doors to match any architectural style you desire. That means no matter what you want your garage door to look like, Discount Garage Doors will ensure that it's going to be as strong and well-built as any other door on the market. If you need help transforming your home, office, or airplane hangar with a new garage door, call our experienced staff for a free quote.