Great Tips To Getting Your Garage Door Ready For The Winter Season Ahead

Believe it or not, the average garage door opens and closes about 1500 times every year. That makes it one of the most-used entrances to your home. But all that use means it’s going to need a bit of TLC. And with the winter season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to show your door some love. Here are a few simple tasks you should take care of before the freezing weather arrives.

Check the Weatherstripping

Every garage door should have weather stripping installed along the base of the door itself. This helps keep the wind and moisture out of the garage, even when the weather is bad outside. Take a moment to inspect the weather stripping on your door. If it looks old or has cracks in the rubber, replaces it. Once a new layer of weatherstripping is in place, your door will be better insulated. This helps keep the space warmer and reduces the amount of time you’ll need to warm your car up before you leave for work in the morning.

Inspect Your Batteries

There’s nothing worse than trying to open or close a garage door manually when it’s cold outside. The best way to avoid this is to check your batteries both in the garage door opener and your remote. If the batteries are old or show signs of corrosion, you’ll want to get them replaced. Your garage door repair technician can replace the ones in your door’s motor. But you should be able to replace the ones in your remotes on your own.

Bring your garage door remotes with you to a battery supply store or hardware store. Then, match the batteries inside with new ones. Once they’re installed, your remotes should work flawlessly through the winter season.

Lubricate the Springs and Rollers

Anytime your door opens and closes, the springs and rollers experience friction. Over time, that friction can damage both the rollers and springs, causing your door to act up. In cold weather, the springs and rollers are naturally stiffer, exposing them to more wear and tear every time the door opens or closes. To reduce the amount of wear and tear your door undergoes during the winter, lubricate the springs and rollers. If you’re not sure which type of lubricant to use or how to use it, speak with your repair technician. They can show you what to do and recommend certain products for your door’s unique needs.

Insulate the Door

The average garage door isn’t insulated against the elements. And while you can install a new one that’s designed with insulation in mind, you don’t always have to. If you have a wooden garage door, you’ll want to install foam board insulation, but if you have a fiberglass or aluminum door, standard fiberglass insulation will work just fine. Fill each section of your door with insulation.

If it’s time to replace your door with a new one, consider investing in a pre-insulated door. This will save you the trouble of insulating your old one and can even add value to your home. Adding insulation will go a long way towards improving the temperatures in your garage. Keep in mind that it won’t keep your garage as warm as the rest of your house. But it can help keep the space at least a few degrees warmer.

Pay Attention to How It Sounds

Taking care of minor repair issues as soon as you notice a problem is key in keeping your door running smoothly. So, pay attention to how it sounds every time it opens and closes. If the noises sound unusual or you hear something grinding, call your repair technician as soon as possible. The sooner the problem gets fixed, the less extensive the damage will be. The less extensive the damage is, the more affordable the repairs will be and the longer your door will work properly.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Preventative maintenance can often prevent the most common repairs and help you keep your door in good shape longer. Before the winter weather sets in, schedule a tune-up with your repair technician. They’ll be able to inspect the entire system for damage and make any necessary adjustments to prevent premature wear and tear. Keep in mind that tune-ups are also a key component in maintaining your garage door system’s warranty. Failing to stay on top of your regular preventative maintenance routine or handling the repairs yourself can void your warranty. Always leave the task to the pros.

Give It a Good Deep Cleaning

Your garage isn’t always the cleanest place in your home. And every time you open and close the door, you introduce dust, plant matter, and debris into the room. This grime can coat the inside of your door and get on the roller tracks, making your door open and close less efficiently. Before winter is in full swing, give your garage a good deep cleaning. Move any boxes from along the walls and sweep the floor thoroughly. Grab a step stool and wipe down the roller tracks to get rid of debris that could slow your rollers down. If you have time, wash the door itself. Dilute a gentle detergent like dish soap in water and use a soft cloth to scrub away the grime on the inside and outside of your door. Then, rinse the door thoroughly with clean water. This will make it easier to spot any possible damage and makes sure your door looks like-new for all those holiday gatherings you’ll be hosting.

Is Your Door Ready for the Winter Season?

If you’re worried about keeping your door in good shape this winter season, these tips are a great place to start. Just remember to schedule an inspection with your garage door repair technician to make sure those minor issues get taken care of quickly. Ready to give your door a helping hand for those colder days? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.