Preparing Your Garage For Winter

Fall Maintenance for your Garage Door With winter approaching, this is the perfect time to maintain your garage door. Preparing for inclement weather and freezing temperatures is just as important for the garage as it is for the rest of your home.

Below are some maintenance tips from Discount Garage Door.

  1. Check the seals and weatherstripping around your garage door. These keep the cold air out of the garage and help to prevent water and other moisture from entering. Bad weatherstripping can also lead to mold, rot, or even insect infestation.

  2. Wash your garage door. While this keeps your garage door looking great, it also increases its lifespan by removing any dirt and debris.

  3. Inspect your garage door system for bent or loose brackets, hinges, and locks. You should also check the wheels and bearings to make sure they are not worn out. If you find a problem, Discount Garage Door is just a phone call away. Our team of professionals has all the right tools and replacement parts.

  4. Clear gutters of leaves and any other debris. Blocked gutters can lead to ice dams which harm your roof and can cause extensive water damage.

  5. Cover or insulate any exposed pipes in the garage to prevent them from breaking when it is below freezing outside.

  6. Clear out any items from your garage that could be damaged by cold temperatures.

  7. Make sure all your lights are working and replace any bad bulbs.

  8. Consider investing in an insulated garage door. Insulated doors can help improve your home’s energy efficiency and also block street noise from entering the living space around your garage. Insulated garage doors are also quieter and stronger than non-insulated garage doors.

Discount Garage Door installs and maintains multiple types and styles of garage doors. Give us a call today for your free quote. We are proud to serve our local communities throughout the Greater Tulsa and Oklahoma City Metro Areas, including South Oklahoma City and Edmond.