Garage Door Freeze Prevention

Garage Door Freeze Prevention

Water tends to collect at the bottom of a garage door after rain or snow accumulation. In Oklahoma, weather can drop to below freezing without warning during the night hours, creating a sticky situation for cars that are left in the garage overnight. The onset of garage door freeze can easily be remedied with these preventative measures.

Install a Heater

One of the easiest methods for dealing with garage door freeze is by adding a heater to your garage. The warmth of a heater will not only help dry existing water that may accumulate but will thaw the ice that may be creating door freeze issues. Gas units will tend to be more economical but require a line to be installed if not already available.

Utilize Table Salt

Salts are often used to thaw ice on both roads and sidewalks to make them safer. This same method can be employed at home with nothing more than table salt from your kitchen. To utilize this method, add a substantial amount of salt to the junction of the garage door and driveway. This is effective because salt will lower the freezing point needed to turn water into ice.

Preventative Removal

When rain, snow or ice accumulate near the garage door, homeowners can decrease the likelihood of further issues by manually removing these catalysts. By shoveling snow and ice away from your garage door, the chances of your garage door being affected by them decreases. This is often seen when temperatures reach above freezing to promote thaw then refreezing overnight when temperatures drop back below freezing.

We hope this information helps keep your garage door functional during any inclement weather that comes to Oklahoma. In the event these steps don’t work, you may be experiencing other issues such as a broken spring or inoperable garage door opener. If you have any problems, give us a call and we will get your garage door back in working order!

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