Leaves Can Affect Garage Door Functionality

Leaves Can Affect Garage Door Functionality

During the fall season, dead leaves will litter the yards of many homeowners. There are many ways to get rid of these leaves, whether they are mowed over or raked and bagged. However, what happens when leaves start affecting the functionality of your garage door?

Blocked Sensors

Fallen leaves get everywhere, even in the most unlikely places you would think. Because the garage door is constantly opening and closing, the potential for the wind to blow these leaves into the view of the sensor becomes more pressing. Your garage door opener sensors need a clear line of site to ensure consistent operation and leaves can easily block this.

In most cases, removing leaves and leaf debris will ensure proper functionality is achieved. During this season, checking your sensors at the first sign of a problem will ensure the garage door openers consistently when needed. If the leaves are removed and the garage door still does not function properly, ensure line of sight is still achieved.

Tracking Debris

When fallen leaves pile up near the tracking of a garage door, normal operation can cause them to be sucked up into it. Because these leaves tend to be dry and brittle, they can crush during the operation and begin to clog up the tracking. This can limit the efficiency of a garage door and cause improper operation or a jam.

The easiest way to remedy this problem is to regularly check your garage door tracking to ensure no debris is present. If debris is seen it should be cleaned out immediately to ensure continued operation. This can easily be done with a brush or your hands.

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