Testing Automatic Reverse Functionality

Testing Automatic Reverse FunctionalityGarage door openers manufactured prior to 1982 are unequipped to deal with safety guidelines that required automatic reversing mechanisms. Throughout time, even as recently as one month, countless injuries and deaths have been the result of a faulty garage door automatic reverse error. The immense weight a garage door can be incredibly dangerous without proper precautions. For this reason, it's important to check the functionality of your garage door to ensure these safety features are working properly.

Following the safety guidelines set in 1982, several methods of ensuring the garage door closes only when safe were implemented. The most common, and still used currently, method of automatic reverse utilizes two sensors at the base of the door that create an invisible beam. When this beam is broken. The garage door will move to an open position and remain until line of sight is achieved again.

Another often overlooked security function that is available with a garage door opener relies on the motor to sense any potential resistance. When a certain amount of resistance is achieved, the garage door will be forced to reopen until the user tries to close it again. These important safety features have done wonders for the safe functionality of these important devices.

How to Test Functionality

It is commonly believed that placing a roll of paper towels beneath the door and trying to operate it will test the reverse functionality of a garage door opener. If the tube within the paper towels bends, then the garage door opener likely requires too much force to start the reversal process. Most individuals will test the functionality with a piece of wood, such as a 2x4. Once the door strikes the wood, it should immediately reverse.

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