Wayne Dalton 300 Series

Wayne Dalton 300 Series, Wood Garage DoorWood garage doors enhance the natural beauty of a home by accenting existing features. A garage door crafted from wood exhibits a classic richness similar to what would be found with fine cabinetry. The time and effort that was taken during their crafting is apparent from every angle. A real wood garage door exists as not only an entryway to a home but as an art installation.

The Wayne Dalton™ 300 Series garage doors have mortise and tenon joints that are waterproofed with glue and steel pinned to provide lasting durability and strength. The addition of shiplap style connections between door panels creates a weathertight fight with smooth operation at every open and closure. Pair this with the rust-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel tracks and hardware and you have a phenomenal garage door that will make your neighbors envious.

The Wayne Dalton™ 300 Series wood garage doors come in 7 different garage door patterns for single car garage door panels or double car garage door panels. Though the designs are similar, they vary enough to ensure that the different sizes have minor differences.

This particular series comes sanded and ready to prime and paint or add a desired stain. Since these are wooden doors, homeowners have the option between hemlock or cedar wood. The one caveat is that the cedar does not come pre-primed.

This particular series also comes with the choice of 10 different window designs, but the windows available are not feasible for all door models. 4 different window styles are available for models 310 and 311 and 2 are available for models 314 through 316. With this garage door series, 5 different wooden overlay options are available to accent the window choice.

As previously noted this series comes with the rust-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel tracks and hardware that accent it perfectly.

If you are interested in updating or replacing your current garage door with wood or another option, Discount Garage Door has the experience and tools necessary to ensure the process goes smoothly and you receive a garage door you are proud of. For more information or to start your free quote, please visit our online Quote Center today!