Predicting Garage Doors of the Future

predicting garage doors of the futureWith the recent advancements in the garage door and garage door opener industries, it appears that garage door systems are taking a leap into the future like never before. New garage door opener systems have built-in security features and add-on ports while garage doors are being built tougher and with better R-values. When looking into the future of garage doors, and garages in general, a few enhancements seem inevitable.

Easier Access for Homeowners

It is not unlikely that as technology progresses, so too will garage door technology. Modern computers and smartphones have begun featuring technology that unlocks information or gives access with facial recognition. It is plausible that this technology may one day be included in garage door opener systems. With a camera that can analyze who is approaching or perhaps the vehicle, garage doors will open autonomously without the need for remote openers or keypads.

Garage Doors as Energy Sources

Depending on its positioning, the garage door may see more sunlight than most other parts of a home. With the recent advancements in solar power, it's only a matter of time before the materials make their way into garage door applications. With the use of solar panel technology cleverly hidden within a garage door, homes will become more energy efficient and decrease grid-based energy reliance.

Affordable Material Advancements

In recent times 3D printing advancements have made the availability of small, functional homes in the event of a disaster a possibility. This technology could easily be applied to the garage door industry. Whole garage door panels could be 3D printed to ensure a perfect and uniform fit every time. Alternatively, pieces like rollers could be created on the spot with a portable 3D printed machine for a secure fit without having to order in parts.

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