Knowing When to Replace Your Garage Door

Broken Garage Door

Home improvement projects can seem like a never ending challenge. Wouldn’t it make sense to make a wise home improvement decision that can increase a home’s curb appeal and provide more security? A garage door is the most prominent gateway to any home and ensuring that it will open without fail is crucial. Determining when a new garage door is necessary may seem like a hard task, but a few tell-tale signs can help expedite the decision.

Slowness and Noise

When a garage door is first installed, with the click of a button homeowners will experience a smooth, relatively noiseless lift as the mechanisms work to harmoniously raise, or lower, your garage door. With time and wear garage doors can become sluggish and loud, or in the worst case scenario completely unresponsive. If these issues are being experienced, it might be time to contact a professional.

Damage or Datedness

With any aspect of a home, dents and damage can become an unwelcome eyesore. Over time problems can compound and overtake the appearance of your garage door. Style also has a tendency to fade. Though a garage door may be functional, the aesthetics may be reason enough for an overhaul.

Repeated Breakdowns

If a garage door has been serviced and requires regular maintenance or replacement parts, a full replacement may be a more economical option. If a garage door requires constant attention and investment, replacing the unit may be the best bet.

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