Garage Organization Ideas

garage wall storageIn the modern world, it’s hard to not a home with many unnecessary items. With the wide array of products being purchased every day, storage can become a problem within any home. In many cases, the garage that was once used to store your vehicle has become a stockpile of formerly purchased items. There are many ways to tidy up a messy garage and organize items to be found easily.

Divide Areas by Function

The main problem with having a messy garage is the inability to find items when they are needed. By organizing items within your garage into zones based upon function, they will be readily available. The easiest template to follow would be to separate lawn care items, seasonal items and recreational items into their own areas as these items are the most frequent within garage clutter.

Install Shelving

Installing shelving within a garage creates more storage area by filling vertical positions to create a clean look. This is also beneficial in getting items off of the floor and at a visible level. It is important to make sure the shelving is installed properly to avoid any accidental injuries or destruction of the stored items.

Storage Bins

Storage bins allow a unique addition when dealing with garage organization. With the implementation of storage bins, labeling is easily done. Storage bins can also be stacked vertically to fill usable space without taking up floor room.

Move Non-Outdoor Items

Let’s face it, if an item isn’t a tool, or related to outdoor use in some fashion, it probably doesn’t belong in the garage. Books are a common item found in a garage. if the book no longer has use, it may be easier to donate it than find a spot within the home to store it. Once these items are moved to a proper location, organization of the remaining items will be more feasible.