How to Open Garage Door in a Power Outage

How to Open Garage Door in a Power OutageHere in Oklahoma, a power outage is a fairly common occurrence. Annoyingly, power outages have the potential to disrupt an entire day's worth of planning when your car is left stuck behind a garage door that won't budge. It's even worse if your car is caught outside of the inoperable garage door in the middle of a storm. In either case, you need to be able to manually open that garage door and thankfully garage door manufacturers have built in a way for you to do that. Getting your door up when the power goes out is easy, just follow these steps:

  • First, grab a flashlight or candle and head into the garage.
  • Visually inspect the coiled springs at the top of the garage door because if they are broken you absolutely should NOT attempt to open the door manually. Broken springs can be very dangerous, so call Discount Garage Door if that's the case.
  • To locate the garage door operator, look up. It's a large mechanical device on the long metal rail that is attached to the garage door opener.
  • How to Open Garage Door in a Power OutageLook for the manual release cord dangling from the operator. It should have a red handle.
  • Take hold of the manual release cord and pull down on it until you see a metal piece slide on the operator and feel the garage door disengage.
  • Once the door disengages, it should be a lot easier to open by hand. Just make sure that children and pets are away from the door before you try to lift it.
  • Find the handles located on your garage door, grab the one closest to the bottom of the door and pull up, using your legs to lift instead of your back.
  • To reengage your garage door opener once the power is back on, the door must be in the open position. Pull straight down on the release cord to reattach the gear to the track. Now you should be able to operate the opener's push button.

The next time you're in the market for a garage door opener. Check out one that comes with a battery back-up. That way when the power goes out, your garage door will still operate perfectly.