Switch It Out! All About Garage Door Spring Replacements

Here's something you probably don't think about too often: your garage door. But the average garage door opens about 1,500 times per year. Yeah, that's about four times a day.

If your garage is going to be opening that many times a day, you need to be able to depend on it. So if you need a garage door spring replacement, you've got to do it right. If not, you could be stuck inside the house without a working garage.

What to do When You Need Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage door will give you clear signs when it needs to be maintained. Here's how to get your garage door spring replacement done without the guesswork. 

Torsion Springs Vs. Extension Springs 

Torsion springs are the springs that are placed right above the garage door, usually in older homes. They balance the door, which means that they use the same amount of pressure to open and close the door.

Extensions springs are also usually mounted above the door track of the garage, but they can also be placed on the side of the door. They pull the door upward and have a lifespan of about nine years.

It's Time to Replace 

After the nine years is up, it's time to replace your springs.If your garage door does more opening and closing than the average door, then it is possible that you might need to get them replaced within five years.

The springs also need to be rebalanced about every two years, especially if you have torsion springs.

Your garage door should stay in the up position that it was placed in. If the garage door falls at all, it's dangerous and your springs need to be replaced. 

If you put your garage door in mid-level position, where it's open halfway, you can test this. If the door does not rest there and moves or if the door is supported only by the strength of the springs themselves, you need to replace them.

You can also see a broken torsion spring by looking at it and seeing if anything looks loose or out of place.

Don't DIY

Do not attempt to repair these springs on your own. This is perhaps one of the most dangerous jobs that you can do in your garage. 

Torsion springs are extremely dangerous and have the potential to be fatal if improperly handled. These springs have the power to lift a very heavy garage door, so they also have the power to come loose and cause serious damage. 

Keep it Maintained 

The most important thing to do to make sure your garage door is always working well and working safely is to keep it properly maintained. Getting a well-done garage door spring replacement is a necessary start.

Make sure you're prepared through all the elements and you're replacing parts that might cause safety issues. 

Don't wait until it's too late and your car is trapped inside your garage. Get your garage door spring replacement done today.