A Custom Project with UBuildIt

Garage door projects that require true customization and craftsmanship need the Discount Garage Door crew. Whether it's building a new home, investing in a remodel or developing a commercial space, a custom garage door from us allows for a unique statement that complements the architecture and style of a given space.

We recently teamed up with UBuildIt to complete a custom project. They're a construction company who has perfected the system of helping people to build and remodel. They have offices in over 20 states and are the nation's premier company in the home building and remodeling consulting business in America.

This recent team endeavor was for a custom wood overlay garage door that they needed us to install on a home worth well over a million dollars. This unique home was situated on 27 acres of well-manicured and sculpted horse property. The owner wanted a bathroom built into the garage and in order to fit it in there just wasn't enough room for a standard door opener mount. We used a Liftmaster opener, but built a special wall mount for it so that when opened, the garage door actually ends up being only a few mere inches away from the bathroom wall.

The garage door that we installed was steel and insulated, but we used beautiful, smooth cedar floor planks as the overlay for the front of the door. To complement that, we used a rough cedar for the wood trim and design elements that went on top of the overlay. The result is a truly unique garage door with a stunning custom design.