Noisiest Garage Door on the Block

Noisiest Garage Door on the BlockIs there a loud, clamorous, screeching sound coming from your garage door every time someone uses it? Does the noise coming from your garage door wake you and everyone in the neighborhood?

Whatever it is that's causing your garage door to make such an awful racket, consider figuring out the cause and dealing with it before you and your garage door are declared a public nuisance at the next neighborhood meeting. A noisy garage door can not only make you the lease popular house on the block, but it can also indicate that something is terribly wrong with your garage door. It's best to deal with your screechy garage door's problem before someone could possibly end up hurt. 

What in the world is making all that noise?

Noisiest Garage Door on the BlockUnfortunately, there isn't a garage door or opener in the world that runs completely silently. However, there is a big difference in the sounds made by a garage door that is functioning normally and a garage door with problems that sounds like a screeching animal.

Just like any mechanically moving object, there are a number of things that cause certain noises and indicate a malfunction. One of the most common sources of that annoyingly shrill sound is friction. As the mechanisms of a garage door age, the parts lose the lubrication that keeps them functioning properly. When the lubrication starts to wear off, the parts noisily grind against each other and get worse over time.

Thankfully not all of the loud sounds made by a garage door are necessarily a signal of a dangerous problem. However, some types of wear and tear, especially in older garage door models, like sounds made when bolts and screws are loose, need immediate attention before they become a safety concern.

Should you fix it yourself or call a professional?

Noisiest Garage Door on the BlockMost of the time those shrill noises coming from your garage door can be fixed by simply applying a lubricant to all of the moving parts. We recommend the use of a silicone based lubricant that is specifically made for garage door parts. Never use WD-40 because it tends to attract dirt that can collect over time and cause even more problems. You can also check for yourself that the nuts and bolts of your garage door parts and opener are all secure and tight.

If you are in doubt about the safety of proceeding to fix your own noisy garage door, then it's time to contact a professional. Also contact a qualified garage door specialist if you have a garage door, opener, or parts that need to be replaced, especially if anything is older then 1993 and has started acting up. Without the knowledge of a trained professional, older garage door parts can be a hazard if you start tinkering with them, as they're more prone to breaking.

Simply call our experienced and skilled staff of technicians if you find that you're dealing with the noisiest garage door on the block. Discount Garage Door offers a free quote and can definitely get your garage door back to running in tip-top shape.