3 Common Garage Door Problems

3 Common Garage Door ProblemsThroughout the life of your garage door system, there are a few common problems that can develop over time without the proper care. Luckily, these problems are often easily fixed by a trained professional and require little time to get your garage door functional again. These are the most common garage door problems that homeowners experience.

Hard Open or Close

When a garage door closes, or opens, with an audible thud or jerking motion, it can usually be pinpointed to a very specific root cause. In a normal garage door, this can most often be contributed to a broken torsion spring or a torsion spring that is on the verge of breaking. In a larger garage door, you may still have one functional spring and one that is broken. It is also possible that your lifting cables are worn or have broken.

Unhinged Garage Door

More often than not, a garage door will come unhinged when the tracking system becomes unaligned or the screws within the system loosen with use. If the panels of the garage door have fallen or are completely detached, call a professional for help immediately. This can be very dangerous and will require a trained technician to fix properly.

Garage Door Opener Not Functioning

If the power has gone out and your garage door opener doesn’t have a battery backup system, this can cause problems for homeowners. To remove your car from a garage with a non-functioning garage door opener, pull the safety release cord and manually open the garage door. This cord is often identified by its red handle.

Other issues that can contribute to a loss in functionality stem from the remote or the unit itself. If the battery is dead, the garage door opener will not work. Replace the batteries and recheck for functionality. If you are still having issues, call a garage door repair service.

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