The Dangers of a Dated Garage Door

The Dangers of a Dated Garage Door

Most homeowners fall into a habit of not realizing their garage door is being neglected until it's too late. As long as the door continues to open, little thought is put into the condition it may be in. When a garage door becomes dated, these are the potential dangers you could experience.

Compromised Security

With general wear and tear, the garage door becomes more susceptible to security issues. When the garage door panels and fittings get looser, it becomes much easier to pry open. This makes it particularly easy for potential burglars to gain access to your garage and the possessions you may have inside.

Weakened Springs

We've talked about the dangers of torsion springs several times in our previous blog posts. As the garage door ages, the springs will always follow suit. If the spring breaks it could be dangerous to anyone nearby or damage your vehicle or another individual. This happens because the garage door is counterbalanced by the spring and the weight will be suddenly released, allowing the door to drop unexpectedly.

Dated Technology

New technology improvements have been found to interfere with older garage door opener models. This can cause major security issues exposing your garage door at all times. In the event your neighbor has a new garage door opener, the signal could interfere with your current opener and unexpectedly open or close your garage door.

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