Common Problems During the Winter

Common Problems During the WinterIt's not uncommon for garage doors to run into a whole host of problems during cold months if not properly winterized. The garage is one of the most common entryways into the home and a garage door and opener are expected to run at peak levels at all times. These common problems seen during the winter may be the cause of your garage door problems.

Metal Components

It's no secret that metal components are susceptible to cold temperatures. The most notable metal components that can be troublesome in a garage door system during cold periods are the springs, screws and other metallic components. When cold weather hits, these parts will contract to cause more problems than you'd think.

Though this is unavoidable, properly lubricating these metal components can help mitigate the damage that is sustained. Specialized garage door oil can ensure proper functionality of these items while providing some protection from damage. It is important to avoid excess grease on your garage door track to avoid other problems.

Grease Thickening

Most lubrication sources are made to withstand the brutal heat that can accumulate in a garage door during the summer. However, low temperatures can cause the grease to thicken and remove their lubricating properties. Removing old, thicker grease and replacing it with a silicone oil will ensure proper functionality.

Salt Build-Up

Salt and sand are often used to remove ice and snow from walkways and roads. When these materials get into the garage door tracking, they can cause hindered movement or a total jam. Removing these materials with a brush whenever possible can help the drive track work flawlessly.

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