Tips for an Energy Efficient Garage

tips for an energy efficient garageIt's no surprise that most of the energy that is lost within a home escapes through the garage. When homeowners begin searching for ways to cut energy costs the garage rarely comes to mind. Unfortunately, the garage is perhaps the most responsible room for the greatest amounts of energy lost. Luckily there are several steps homeowners can take to begin making their garage energy efficient!

Insulate Garage Walls

Garage walls are directly connected to the interior of most homes. In most cases, costs have been saved by not insulating the walls surrounded a garage. With this lack of insulation, temperature fluctuations can drive energy bills higher than they should be. By properly insulating these walls or replacing ineffective insulation, homes will avoid thermal energy loss and carbon monoxide exposure.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Standard light bulbs have been slowly being phased out due to more energy efficient bulbs being produced. In the event that older light bulbs are still being used within a garage, every time the light is on money is being wasted. Switching to CFL or LED bulbs will cut energy costs in half over time. Though the upfront costs associated with buying these bulbs are higher, the long-term savings will more than make up for it.

Seal Cracks

Cracks in the concrete foundation or outside walls can let cold air in and heat escape. When cracks are present, it can make it harder for a homeowner to control or maintain the temperature within the home. This can lead to the air conditioning and heating systems working harder than they would need to otherwise, resulting in higher energy costs.

Replace Windows

Some garages feature widows to allow naturally light to fill them. In the event that a garage has windows attached to it, it's important to replace them with energy efficient windows to avoid air loss or the introduction of moisture. This can create an immediate impact on energy loss!

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