Fixing a Dent in an Aluminum Garage Door

Dented aluminumA dented garage door can feel like an eyesore every time it’s seen. Though aluminum garage doors can be incredibly low maintenance, they are not impervious to denting. Aluminum garage doors can dent easily from taps from vehicles and storm damage.  Fortunately, fixing those pesky dents is a simple process!

Site Preparation

Before performing a dent removal, it is important that the affected site be cleaned and dried before continuing. This is easily done by filling a bucket with water and adding dish soap. When the soap has mixed with the water, sponge clean the area and allow to dry.

Dent Removal

Before attempting this process, make sure that these three key items are on hand: high-grade aluminum foil, a standard lighter and a can of compressed air. To begin, unroll a piece of aluminum foil large enough to cover the dent and allow you to hold it to the garage door. Once the foil is held to the dented portion of the garage door, keep your hand toward the top corner, away from the dented portion.

At this point the process becomes very quick and the dent should be removed in no time! Run a lit lighter across the foil in a consistent manner targeting the dent underneath. Continue this process for 60 seconds to ensure that the affected site is adequately heated. Once it has, remove the foil and pick up the canned air.

By turning the canned air upside down and spraying, the carbon dioxide releases as a cold blast of air. By creating two extreme temperature changes the dent will be released. Spray the upside down can onto the still hot dent in the garage door and within two minutes it should return to its dent-free normal state.