Tips for Securing a Garage

Burglar opening garageIt’s no secret that a garage door can hide some of your most prized possessions from the outside world and prying eyes. Tools, recreational equipment and vehicles all sit peacefully behind the garage door. Burglars often perceive the garage an isolated entry way into an unsuspecting victims home. To ensure the safety of your belongings and avoid attempted break-ins there are simple rules you can follow.

Keep the garage door locked and closed

If you have valuables that may interest a would be burglar, there is no reason they should get a preview of the goods inside. It is imperative that the garage door never be left open, even if the home is occupied. In houses with a direct doorway to the home through the garage, it is recommended that even the door leading into the house remain locked.

Invest in an alarm system

With the cost of security systems becoming more affordable, it makes sense that the investment cost could would be beneficial to retaining your more valuable items. Even a trip alarm would give a would be burglar the jolt needed to scare them off. Several Liftmaster garage door openers no have motion detection lights and internet control to aid in security.

Keep your garage and home keys with you

Whether you have a remote control or standard key, these items are a pivotal piece to keeping your garage secure. If you are not home, it’s important to keep the key on you to avoid it falling into the wrong hands. If your garage door is controlled by a keypad, never share the code with anyone other than the homes occupants.

Invest in a reliable garage door

Given the size and accessibility of a garage door, it is important to choose a material that suits your individual security needs. The most popular garage door materials for security purposes are solid steel, yet you can maintain aesthetics with recessed panels and various design options.

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